Concrete Breakdown & Removal


Concrete was built to last. While that’s usually a good thing, it can make removing it a real hassle.

Chances are, you don’t own a jackhammer to break down large portions of poured concrete. Instead, you may wind up spending days breaking down concrete by hand with a sledgehammer.

Once the concrete’s broken down, the real work begins. Hauling it away is a job in and of itself, especially if you only have a wheelbarrow.

Instead, you could save more time and money by removing your concrete by hiring Junk Removal Las Vegas. We break down and haul away all your pavement with ease.

We operate commercial grade equipment, providing you with the best results each time. We can break down concrete patches in a fraction of the time, and we never stick you with the mess.

Get your weekend back and let us help remove your concrete for you.

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